A downloadable game for Windows

Rescue your bunny from Jaye and escape the haunted station.

In this game, the player has to free his bunny from the hands of the artist known as Jaye.  He has kidnapped your bunny and hid it somewhere in this abandoned subway station. Try to find tools to progress through the level, but beware of the clown that's hunting you: once he catches you...

The tools that you can find are scattered all around the map. Every item has a use, so try to find all of them!

Mouse to look around
WASD to move
Spacebar to jump
'E' or 'Q' too look around corners
'F' to pick up items and use tools
'C' to turn the flashlight on or off

Experience the horror game by Jaye and Extra Nice now:

Updated 15 days ago
Published 29 days ago
AuthorsTomorrow the Game, Extra Nice
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, Singleplayer, Spooky, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Tomorrow the Game 572 MB


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The song with the game is a huge bop ngl


this looks like it's gonna be awesome i'm so excited to play!!



Hey maybe for your follow up on this game you can do yesterday by the beatles


id ont know how to play and this is scary as hell its fun馃榿馃榿馃榿

This game was interesting the only problem I have id that his spawn point seems to be generated randomly so the first time I played his spawned right outside the gate do I died almost instantly. Other than that it was fun but a little to dark in some places. 


i love this game but it gives me a heart attack


Great Game DEV 馃挴馃憤


Thank you!


Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Running fast

That was hard but I DID IT!

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Well done! Loved watching it!

Very entertaining!


This game is terrifying. A W E S O M E !

Thank You So Much!

Good game, but the clown chases you whatever you do and it is impossible to enjoy and discover things.

You're not supposed to enjoy and discover things XD

Thanks for the play through!


not really into these kind of games but the music video is dope


Thank You!

Very good game got me a few times also apologies for not completing it haha


Had fun watching!


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 馃榿

Loved it.


This had me absolutely trembling by the end of the Game. I really enjoyed it a lot and it scared me more than most games have! Hope you enjoy 

Loved the video. You make us feel proud, man.

Hell yeah thank you so much for the compliment! It really was a great time. And please by all means, feel free to reach out to me with any future projects you have! id love to check them out 

Do check out the projects we have already made. I'm sure you'll enjoy some of them!

Sick vid!

I have trouble with the camera, it turns around too quickly. I tried to adjust mouse sensitivity but nothing changed, it's really uncomfortable to walk. Looking forward to updates the game seems really interesting.

Maybe your mouse sensitivity is really high. I checked and the sensitivity slider in the escape-menu works for me. You can probably lower the sensitivity even further in your windows settings.

Thanks I'll try, I hope this'll work.

Hope you figured it out?


That dude's pretty scary when he's running right behind you suddenly. I don't like him! And I mean that as a compliment, haha. Pretty fun, man!


Thanks for posting your clip!


I like your mask.


Espero que saquen una traducci贸n al espa帽ol qwq

tal vez pronto



Hope you had fun!


I beat the game but one thing I want to know, did you used copyright music/songs in this game?? If not then let me know I will post the video.

All music/songs are made by Jaye and the in house team of Extra Nice. I will check with Jaye if you can post the video and will add that information to the description. I'll get back to you asap. Thanks for playing!

Feel free to post the video! We are looking forward to seeing it.

Send me the name of the song or music used in this game. I will add them in description.

It's also linked in the description text: 


Appreciate the support!

Hey, jaye here. Yup it鈥檚 copyrighted! 

But I鈥檓 allowing my game to have the rights.


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for the video. We quite enjoyed it!

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Nice one!

Thank you